2024-2025 Lottery Process for 9th and 10th grades

2024-2025 Enrollment Process for 11th and 12th grades

Are you relentless when solving a problem?

Are you driven to learn much more than the minimum required?

Do you crave academic rigor and independence?

Want to see just how great you can be?

Then, Florida SouthWestern Collegiate High School- Lee is the place for you! FSW Collegiate High School was created to provide academic acceleration with a heavy STEM infusion that will prepare you for any college pathway you choose!

We teach critical thinking… not standardized test taking!
We find your limits… and help you push right past them!

We continuously create and deliver hands-on learning opportunities that promote independent learning, projects that provide the chance to fail fast and then succeed, all while we build your resilience and character along the way. FSWC-Lee is a publicly funded charter school. We accept students based on a random lottery system. If you are ready for the ultimate academic adventure, apply now!