STEM @ FSWC-LEE Experiences



Problem Based Curriculum+

FSWC – Lee prides itself on providing the students with multiple skills and strategies seen across our entire curriculum. Presentations, experiments, and lesson plans are just some of the examples, as seen below.

Video Evidence

Interdisciplinary Collaboration+

All teachers at FSWC – Lee work hard at contributing to the STEM education through cross-curricular activities. Teachers speak candidly with one another about what is going on in the class rooms, write down plans in a Scope and Sequence, and place daily plans on a large board in the conference room that is available for everyone to see.

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STEM Literacy+

FSWC – Lee is different because the entire high school focuses on these three STEM principles: critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Evidence of these three skills are seen in multiple ways from the science classes to the humanities courses. Below you will find evidence from our Sophomore Showcase, course list, and standardized test results in STEM disciplines that demonstrate STEM literacy.


Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School prides itself on being a small school that provides a safe, comfortable environment for our students and faculty. Our size gives us an advantage because each faculty and staff member knows the names of almost all of the students that walk through our doors.

This "family-like" atmosphere provides an opportunity for teachers to create unique educational experiences for our students that a larger school would not be able to provide. Cross-curricular projects, school-wide days dedicated to specific subjects, and a sophomore showcase are just a few examples of how the faculty is able to design problem-based curriculum with a real world application.

Every Tuesday, the faculty and administrators meet to discuss school-wide issues concerning our students and our building; however, the actual planning of different events happens in a non-traditional sense.

Again, the small size of our school provides the faculty the opportunity to speak candidly with one another about what is going on in the individual classrooms. Discussions during lunch, in-between class periods, during planning periods, and after school are very frequent. A written "Scope and Sequence" and an assignment board in the teacher workroom provides further outreach for our teachers to be able to visually see what is going on in each classroom. Students who leave FSWC – Lee are armed with the best skills, education, and tools that prepares them for post-secondary school and beyond.