Ways to Afford and Pay for College

Upcoming Tuition Dates & Deadlines

Summer 2023
  • NOW: Summer Tuition and Fees Viewable in the FSW Portal & Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) Available
  • May 10: Tuition and Fees Due for Summer Full and Mini-A Classes, Starting May 15
  • June 21: Tuition and Fees Due for Summer Mini-B Classes, Starting June 27
  • June 19: Last day to sign up for the Tuition Installment Plan (TIP)

*TIP allows you to pay for your classes over time rather than all at once, upfront. Keep in mind your payment must be secure by the due date or your classes may be dropped.

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70% of Our Students Graduate Debt Free.

With a degree from FSW costing about half of the average of that of Florida public state universities and financial aid options like those you'll find below, you can save money while earning a degree to help you land your dream job or transfer into your program of choice for advanced education.

Cost of Attendance

Ways to Help You Afford College

Apply for federal student aid for help paying for college. Complete the FAFSA today using FSW school code 001477 and check your FAFSA Status regularly with our Financial Aid Office as additional documents may be required. Remember: the application may take 6 - 8 weeks to process.

Once you are admitted to FSW, apply to be considered for our scholarships! FAFSA required. Have Bright Futures? You can find more information about using Bright Futures at FSW on our scholarships page.

If you are a Florida resident, check to see if you qualify for in-state tuition! This will significantly lower your tuition costs.

Using Florida Prepaid or other 3rd party payments? Check our Cashier's page for more information and follow the steps below to ensure your tuition bill is covered.

FSW is an approved Institution for Veterans Education Benefits. Reach out to Veteran Services for assistance in using your VA Benefits to become an FSW Buccaneer!

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Check Your Bill/Account

After you register for classes, you should check your bill as soon as it becomes available in the FSW Student Portal so you have time to ask questions about your aid and/or arrange to pay the bill before the tuition payment deadline for the term.

Checking Your Account

Follow these steps or check out the video on viewing your account details and paying online.

  1. Login to the FSW Student Portal
  2. Select the "Financial Aid and Student Services" tab
  3. In the "Ways to Pay" box select "View Account/Pay Online"
Check to make sure you do not have a balance when your bill becomes available and on the tuition payment deadline even if you think your financial aid, scholarships, Florida Prepaid, or other funding cover your full tuition balance.
If you owe a balance and do not pay before the payment deadline for the semester, you may be dropped from all of your classes including classes you have already paid for!
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Pay Your Bill

If you follow the instructions above and find that you still have a balance due on your tuition bill/account after any financial aid, scholarships, or other payments, make sure you have paid before the tuition payment deadline for the term.

You can pay for your balance by:

Follow the instructions above or in the video below to check your account and pay online. Payment methods and more information can be found on our Cashier's page.

Pay for your classes over time using the Tuition Installment Plan!

Video: How To View FSW Account Details & Pay Online

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Financial Aid (FAFSA) and Scholarships

In-State Tuition

Your Bill/Account, Payment Options, Tuition Installment Plan (TIP), Florida Prepaid

Veterans Benefits