The Cashier's office is where you come to pay for your college expenses.

This is the money due that is not covered by any scholarships, grants or financial aid.

How To View FSW Student Financial Account Details and Pay Online

How do I find my bill?

All billing is available online through your FSW Student Portal. Electronic billing is more efficient and more accurate than paper statements since your FSW account statement will update if you change your class schedule and after you receive a financial aid disbursement.

FSW does not mail bills.

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay using cash, a check, or a credit card.

  • Pay online with a major credit card or personal check.
  • Major Credit Cards - Visa, MC, Discover & Amex
  • Electronic Check/ACH Payment (using bank routing/account number from your checkbook)
  • Easy Payment Plan - TIP - More info

At FSW, we make tuition payment easy and convenient by offering online payment through your FSW Portal with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express credit or debit card. To access the online payment, select the FSW College Portal under Cash, Check or Credit.  Please be aware that a 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee will apply to domestic credit/debit card transactions. For international credit/debit transactions, there will be a 4.25% convenience fee assessed.  This is a processing fee that does not go to FSW State College, but to the Transact payment system, and therefore will not appear on your student account. If you do not wish to pay online, you can make cash, check, or money order payments with the cashier on the Lee campus, or utilize a payment kiosk available on each campus.  In addition, you may also make e-check payments online without a fee.  

The Cashier’s Office is located at 8099 College Parkway, Ft Myers, FL 33919 on the first floor of Building S. 

Where do I go to pay?

  • Log into your secure FSW College Portal

  • Under "Student Financials", click Pay Now or View Account
  • Follow the steps to complete your payment

Tuition payment must be received by the tuition payment deadline or you may be dropped from class!  All Tuition Waivers, Vouchers, Third-Party Payment Agreements, and Deferments, including students receiving financial aid, must be received by the due date.

Pay at your preferred campus location with cash, check, or credit card.

You can also mail checks, cashier checks, or money orders to:

Florida SouthWestern State College Attn: Bursar’s Office 8099 College Parkway Fort Myers, FL 33919

When is my payment due?

Your classes will be dropped if payment is not received by the following dates:

Summer 2024 Full: 5/7/24 • Summer 2024 Mini A: 5/7/24 • Summer 2024 Mini B: 6/19/24 • Fall 2024 Full: 8/1/24 • Fall 2024 Mini A: 8/1/24 • Fall 2024 Mini B: 9/30/24

• Spring 2025 Full: 1/6/25 • Spring 2025 Mini A: 1/6/25 • Spring 2025 Mini B: 2/17/25

• Summer 2025 Full: 5/6/25 • Summer 2025 Mini A: 5/6/25 • Summer 2025 Mini B: 6/17/25

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