Affording College

Florida SouthWestern State College offers the most affordable tuition rates in Southwest Florida providing students an outstanding education at a low cost.

Still, the cost of a quality college education can add up. To help our students reach their educational goals FSW offers a variety of grants, scholarships and payment methods.

Ways to Pay

Financial Aid

  • Federal Financial Aid may include grants (money that does not have to be paid back) and/or loans (money that does need to be paid back).
  • The first step is to complete and submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The school code for Florida SouthWestern State College is 001477.
  • Allow 6 weeks for processing to ensure your application is reviewed prior to the start of classes.

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  • Florida SouthWestern State College State also offers a variety of scholarships for which students may be eligible.
  • A FAFSA and an Florida SouthWestern State College State admissions application must be completed before applying for most scholarships.
  • Click here for more information about scholarship opportunities.

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Tuition Installment Plan (TIP)

  • Make payments over time with our popular Tuition Installment Plan.
  • The sooner you enroll in the TIP the less money you need to put down.
  • Click here for more information about the TIP.

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Cash, Check or Credit

  • Pay online with a major credit card or personal check.
    • Log into your secure FSW College portal account
    • Click on the Financial Aid/Student Services Tab at the top of the screen
    • Look for the box with the headline Registration Online, in that box click on the link to Review/Pay Charges
    • Follow the steps to complete your payment
  • Or pay at your preferred campus location with cash, check or credit card.

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On-Campus Housing Installment Plan (HIP)

  • Students living in on-campus housing may enroll in the Housing Installment Plan (HIP) and pay for housing expenses overtime.
  • Similar to the TIP (see above), the sooner you enroll, the less money you have to put down.
  • Click here for more information about the HIP.

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Florida Pre-paid

  • Florida Prepaid is automatically added to student accounts upon registration.
  • The amount paid by Florida Prepaid varies depending on both the type of plan and when the plan was purchased.
  • For information on Florida Prepaid and the different plans offered please visit

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Proof of Florida Residency Matters!

All students (including lifetime Florida residents) must submit proof of Florida residency in order to receive in-state tuition rates. In-state tuition rates are significantly less expensive than out-of state tuition rates. Click here for more information about providing proof of Florida residency.