Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my bill?

You have access to review your charges and payments at any time via your FSW Student Portal. The Account Details for Term (PDF) displays all charges and payments that have occurred. FSW does not mail bills.

If I am registered for a course that I do not want to take, will you drop me for non-payment if I just don't pay or go to class?

It is your responsibility to drop a course you do not intend to take via your FSW Student Portal. You will be liable for tuition/fees of any course for which you have registered if not dropped. Non-attendance does not result in a drop.

I withdrew from a class. Why am I still be charged for it?

It is the student's responsibility to drop courses by the Last Day to Add/Drop a course as published on the Academic Calendar in order to get a full refund (or not be charged). After the end of Add/Drop, the student is responsible for payment of all courses they are registered for. If a student withdraws after the Add/Drop period, they remain financially responsible for the course.

Why do I have a hold on my account for a Past Due Balance?

Students that owe money to FSW will have a hold placed on their account. This will prevent the student from administrative functions such as registering for classes and receiving grades, transcripts or diploma. The hold will not be removed until all debts are paid in full. It may take up to 24 hours for a hold to be released once payment has been received.

Why am I receiving communications from a Collection Agency?

Any account balance remaining beyond the approved payment due date is considered delinquent and subject to collection action. Students are notified of their past due balance, via their FSW student email, in advance of being sent to collections. If the balance remains unpaid it is subject to be turned over to a collection agency, per FSW's College Operating Procedures regarding Past Due Accounts, with additional collection fees added to the account. If a student's account balance is in a delinquent status, the entire amount will be sent to collections. Any increase/decrease of the balance owed to FSW will be updated with the applicable collection agency.

*Once the balance has been placed with a collection agency, the student will no longer be able to pay FSW directly.

I paid the collection agency today. Why do I still have a hold on my account at FSW?

Payments made to the collection agency will be updated once the funds have been received by FSW. Payments can take up to 30 days to be received and reflected on a student's FSW Student Portal.

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