International Education

Featured video: FSW in Italy 2023

Welcome to the Center for International Education!


The mission of the Center for International Education (CIE) is to support cultural awareness, global citizenship, and an appreciation of varied global perspectives through curricular and co-curricular experiences. CIE aims to support the FSW community in developing international activities that stimulate academic inquiry and enhance the institution’s cultural dialogue. CIE will facilitate transformative experiences empowering participants to become catalysts of growth and positive change at FSW and the greater community.


  • Serve as a resource to all members of the FSW community who wish to explore and learn from communities and cultures across the globe.
  • Support the development and implementation of staff/faculty-led travel abroad experiences for students.
  • Facilitate student participation in study abroad experiences available at accredited institutions across the globe.
  • Implement and promote cultural events and activities across the College.
  • Enrich FSW’s community by creating partnerships to allow for cross-institutional teaching and learning experiences.

Are you an international student and who would like more information? 

Please click here for the International Admissions page.