Marketing & Media

What Does the Marketing & Media Team Do?

The mission of the Marketing & Media Department at FSW is to elevate the image of the College to support our position in the community as the premier destination in Southwest Florida for higher education and workforce development as well as a leader for intellectual, economic, and cultural awareness.

Our team is dedicated to clear, effective, and engaging College marketing and communications. Our services support the College's recruitment efforts and other College communication efforts through marketing consultations, visual and written campaign strategy and execution, and media placement.

Please keep in mind that any official marketing materials for the college must meet FSW best practices and recruitment goals. Submit your materials to Marketing & Media to receive assistance in the following areas: logo placement, FSW color usage, copywriting, graphic design, EEO compliance, photo usage and clearance, social media best practices, and overall campaign development.

Meet the Team

Greg Turchetta

Executive Director

Kailee Mateika


Eric Barreto

Coordinator, Graphic Design

Derek Kemp


Jennifer Young

Coordinator, Media and Content

Marketing Consultations

We love to meet with FSW employees to help elevate projects and events! Communication can make or break an initiative or event. Reach out to us while you are planning so our experts can help.

FSW Success

One of our team's primary campaigns highlights the successes of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Have an awesome story? Send it to us! You might just be featured on our website, in a video, or on our social media accounts!

"I Need a Flyer..."

Need a flyer (or temporary sign or social media design or... you get the idea)? Our Graphic Design Coordinator, Eric Barreto, can get someone in your area set up to create and edit a stylish, on-brand piece. Just reach out!

Buc Bulletin

The Buc Bulletin is a weekly e-newsletter produced by Student Affairs including important news and upcoming events. The email is sent out Monday morning to students and employees (the employee e-newsletter is comprised of the student newsletter along with employee updates at the top).

Have information that you would like to see included in an upcoming edition? Send a request!

College-Wide Emails

Mass Emails to FSW Employees: Emails to large groups of FSW employees (e.g. all employees, all faculty, all staff, etc.) can be done via Outlook using Listservs. Speak with your supervisor about access to these Listservs.

Mass Emails to FSW Students: Mass emails to students can be completed in a variety of ways. To get an event or piece of information added to the Monday e-newsletter, see the Buc Bulletin section. If you are requesting an email outside of the Buc Bulletin, please speak with your supervisor to be directed to the appropriate department.

FSW Branded Promotional Items/Giveaways

Marketing & Media serves in an advisory role for selecting effective promotional items, creating any custom graphics, and/or determining appropriate specifications (i.e. paper weight and size, etc.). The quoting and purchasing process will need to be completed by the requesting committee or department and any proofs should be requested of/provided by the vendor you ultimately select. 

Promotional items need to be created by a Learfield Licensed Internal Vendor. These licenses are maintained by Auxiliary Services, Adam Davis being the main point of contact, and any logo usage will be sent to and approved by Auxiliary Services once a vendor is selected.

Popular Promotional Items

According to a social media poll conducted by the Office of Student Engagement

Hoodies Backpacks Joggers Jackets Tervis Cup Hand sanitizer Highlighters

Notebooks Towels Sweatpants Beanies Shoes Fleece jackets Socks

Media Requests

Media Community Members: If you are a member of the media looking for a statement from FSW, please reach out to our media contact.

FSW Employees: If the media has reached out to you for a statement in an area in which you are comfortable giving a statement, get out there and show your community your expertise! Want some advice from our media experts? Reach out to our Media Coordinator, Jennifer Young.