Brand Licensing & Trademarks

The purpose of Florida SouthWestern's licensing program is to protect and enhance the College's brand identity by ensuring that only licensed and approved products display FSW trademarks. Our licensing program is responsible for determining if a product and design are consistent with the goals and images of the College, and to ensure the quality, liability, production, and distribution of products meet the College's standards.

Please follow these guidelines before designing or attempting to use the FSW logo for any purpose or reason:

  1. Create a concept for a design approximately 8 to 10 weeks before you need to take delivery.
  2. Send this concept to Marketing and Trademark Licensing and see if this is a design that either of these departments can do for you or if this could be a design done by a licensed vendor.
  3. If the vendor is doing any design work, that vendor must be licensed through the Trademark Licensing Office.
  4. If a vendor is producing a product with any FSW logo on it, that vendor must be licensed through CLC Internal or Retail.
  5. A licensed vendor must submit a proof to the person who ordered the job and the Trademark Licensing Office, Marketing, and all entities must approve the content and formatting before going to print either through email or through the Brand Manager dashboard through CLC.
  6. If FSW is submitting the finished artwork, the vendor does not need to be licensed for printed marketing materials such as but not limited to brochures and flyers.
  7. Before an unlicensed vendor can receive a print job, the artwork must be sent to both Marketing and Trademark Licensing to approve content and formatting and the vendor must become a vendor for FSW through Purchasing.
  8. Also, since colors are specific, any unlicensed vendor must be presented with the colors in Pantone, RGB, or CMYK that must be used.
  9. Once the unlicensed vendor has a proof, they need to send that to the requestor, Marketing, and Trademark Licensing for final approval.
  10. Quote out the job and work with Purchasing to verify approved vendor status before placing an order.

Florida SouthWestern State College trademarks are the property of FSW and the Board of Trustees.


Florida SouthWestern State College is contracted with CLC an industry leader in trademark management and promotion. The primary functions of CLC include: facilitating the licensing process for licensees, executing licensing agreements, monitoring the marketplace for unlicensed use of trademarks, collecting royalties and conducting compliance review audits of licensed manufacturers.

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