The Center for International Education enriches FSW's community through the development of cross-institutional partnerships. Through these collaborations CIE intends to:

  • Improve international understanding
  • Enhance the development of joint educational and research projects
  • Increase individual educational opportunities
  • Enrich the educational environment of both institutions
  • Promote the exchange of teachers, researchers, and students for teaching and research partnerships
  • Promote reciprocal consultations and the exchange of teaching and learning materials
  • Engage in joint proposals for grants or awards to support research, teaching, training, and services

FSW currently has established partnerships with the following institutions with plans to grow its global network of partners.

Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM)

Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM) was founded in 1973 and is among Italy's most comprehensive and well established international institutions in higher education. Students can choose from a variety of courses available at LdM in Florence and Tuscania. Study abroad programs are available for a fall, spring or summer terms.

FSW students attending orientation at LdM May 2022

Salzburg College

Since 1971, Salzburg College has provided an international education experience that combines classroom work and research with field experience, community involvement, and professional growth. The college offers study abroad programs for semester and summer terms across a range of academic disciplines.

FSW students in Salzburg, Austria Summer 2022

International College of Seville (ICS)

The International College of Seville (ICS) is a private, independent, cultural association whose basic aim is to serve as a center for the promotion of international education. ICS was founded in 1982 and provides a full range of academic advising and student services, as well as numerous activities designed to complement the academic program.

FSW students in Seville, Spain Summer 2022