General Information

FSW students in Florence, Italy Summer 2023

FSW Study Abroad

The Center for International Education (CIE) at Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW) invites you to participate in a study abroad experience. FSW offers several types of study abroad programs. You will find each type offered on the following pages.

Through study abroad, students gain enhanced perspectives of the world, learn about new cultures, gain a deeper awareness of themselves, and make lifelong friends around the world. Many students have reported that their study abroad experience has had a transformative impact on their life.

Faculty-Led Trips

These classes typically take place during the Summer Mini-A term, including study abroad travel for 10-14 days. The faculty will remain with the students for the duration of the trip and will often be accompanied by a local guide. Students can expect to be moving around and will experience different locations, venues and educational destinations within the country. These are the shortest and most affordable programs. Please be sure to check eligibility for all study abroad programs.

FSW in Italy

This is a partnership program between FSW and Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) in Florence, Italy. Students will choose one FSW course and begin it on campus at the start of Summer Mini-A. In late May the professor and class will travel to Florence, Italy. Once abroad, students will continue their FSW class and begin a 4-week class selected from the extensive LdM catalog. All classes will include educational excursions within and around Florence.

Students will live in a shared apartment and may travel independently outside of Florence during weekends. Both classes will conclude at the end of June and students will return home.

Intensive Spanish Language in Spain

This is a partnership program between FSW and the International College of Seville, located in southwestern Spain. In this program, students will take both Level I and II of either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Spanish. This 4-week program includes intensive coursework (earning 6 credits) and excursions to nearby cities. The student will choose between living with a host family, or more independently in a casita with a visiting house mother; all meals are provided in either arrangement.

Semester Study Abroad

Students may choose to study anywhere in the world for a fall, spring or summer term with an outside organization who offers programs to college students throughout the world. Although students can choose to study through any provider, we provide a short list where you can begin your search. Please visit the Semester Study Abroad page.

Dual Enrolled Students

High School students who are dual enrolled at FSW may participate in study abroad programs. To be eligible, they must have earned at least 24 credits by the start of the trip, be 18 years old and have a valid passport. All dual enrolled students must be approved to study abroad by the Director of Accelerated Pathways.

Program Dates & Cost

Course and study abroad travel dates are tentative until all logistics are confirmed. Student cost is estimated and will be confirmed at a later date. Non-FSW or transient students participating in FSW study abroad programs may have different costs associated with FSW programs. For more information please contact the Center for International Education at


The Center for International Education requires a deposit to reserve your space in the study abroad course. A payment schedule will be provided to each student upon admission to the program. Deposits are refundable through March 1, 2024.

Study Abroad Application and Required Forms

Students interested in applying to FSW faculty-led, FSW in Italy at LdM, or Non-FSW study abroad programs are required to submit the below application materials to or deliver by hand to the Center for International Education, Building I, Suite 114, Thomas Edison (Lee) Campus.

Study Abroad Application

  • FERPA Form (PDF)
  • Unofficial transcript with completed coursework (this can be found in your FSW portal)
  • Current class schedule
  • Copy of the photo page of your passport

Program Eligibility and Selection

The mission of Florida SouthWestern State College is to inspire learning; prepare a diverse population for creative and responsible participation in a global society. The FSW study abroad program supports this mission by allowing students to earn academic credit while studying and traveling abroad.

Priority consideration will be given to FSW students enrolling in courses that are required for degree completion.

If a student has already received credit for a course, they cannot retake the course in order to participate in a study abroad experience.

  • Other program requirements include the following: Minimum 2.8 GPA for FSW in Italy or a minimum 2.5 GPA for FSW faculty-led programs.
  • Completion of pre-requisites for the selected study abroad course (if applicable).
  • In some cases, students may be asked to speak with the study abroad faculty leader in order to be approved for participation.

Study Abroad Student Code of Conduct

Each student, by registering for courses, pledges to accept and abide by the rules and regulations of the College. Students are responsible for the observance of all policies and procedures as published in the College Catalog, the Student Handbook, Board of Trustees Policies, and other College documents to include the Student Code of Conduct.

As noted in the Student Code of Conduct, the Chief Student Affairs Officer is authorized to determine if an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct warrants interim action. Interim actions may be implemented any time prior to the conclusion of the conduct process, including the appeals process. During a study abroad experience, faculty leaders have full authority to enact interim actions in cases where immediate contact with the Chief Student Affairs Officer is unavailable. The faculty’s interim action will be in place until such time that the Chief Student Affairs Officer can be successfully contacted. In cases warranting interim suspension, students may be prohibited from participating in scheduled activities and required to remain at the host site with one or more college-approved chaperones, or may be required to return to the United States before the scheduled departure. Students being asked to return due to a code of conduct violation may be responsible for the financial cost of the unanticipated travel (i.e. the ticket home) that results from disciplinary action.