Travel Abroad

The Center for International Education (CIE) at Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW) invites you to participate in a travel abroad experience. College students are finding out that going abroad is giving them the opportunity of a lifetime. Through travel abroad, students gain enhanced perspectives of the world, learn about new cultures, gain a deeper awareness of themselves, and make lifelong friends around the world. Many students have reported that their travel abroad experience has had a transformative impact on their life.

2018 Travel Abroad Opportunities

Course Dates Country Estimated Student Cost
ISS 2910H-Politics, People and Power, Living in the Developing World Course: Spring 2018
Trip: March 1-11, 2018
Nicaragua $500
LIT 2000-Introduction to Literature through Greek Author and Themed Works Course: Spring 2018
Trip: June 1-13, 2018
Greece $1000
OCB 2910H-Marine Ecology Research Course: Summer 2018
Trip: May 20-28, 2018
Belize $1300
Nicarague Trip 2

Travel Abroad Application and Required Forms, due October 17, 2017

Email to: or deliver by hand to Center for International Education, Building K, Room 240, Thomas Edison (Lee) Campus

Nicarague Trip 1

Travel Abroad 2018

Nicaragua 2017

Greece 2017

Belize 2018

Travel Abroad Student Code of Conduct

Each student, by registering for courses, pledges to accept and abide by the rules and regulations of the College. Students are responsible for the observance of all policies and procedures as published in the College Catalog, the Student Handbook, Board of Trustees Policies, and other College documents to include the Student Code of Conduct.

As noted in the Student Code of Conduct, the Chief Student Affairs Officer is authorized to determine if an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct warrants interim action. Interim actions may be implemented any time prior to the conclusion of the conduct process, including the appeals process. During a travel abroad experience, faculty leaders have full authority to enact interim actions in cases where immediate contact with the Chief Student Affairs Officer is unavailable. The faculty’s interim action will be in place until such time that the Chief Student Affairs Officer can be successfully contacted. In cases warranting interim suspension, students may be prohibited from participating in scheduled activities and required to remain at the host site with one or more college-approved chaperones, or may be required to return to the United States before the scheduled departure. Students being asked to return due to a code of conduct violation may be responsible for the financial cost of the unanticipated travel (i.e. the ticket home) that results from disciplinary action.