Refund Overview

The dates to drop a course with a refund are established for each term and published on FSW’s Calendars website. Please check the dates carefully because after these dates, it is considered a withdrawal. Refunds will not be given after the deadlines. Students who withdraw from a course will not be entitled to a refund. In addition, any outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to processing the refund. Students who pay for courses by cash, check or credit card will be refunded through BankMobile. Each registered student will be mailed a BankMobile Disbursement Selection Kit with a personal code. Students will receive the same information via email as well.

Look for the bright green envelope!

To receive a refund, you must activate your BankMobile Refund Selection. If you do not have your personal code, please visit

During the activation process, you will choose between two options for receiving your refund.

  • A direct deposit into your own bank account (ACH transfer)
  • Open a BankMobile Vibe account

Financial Aid Refunds

If there is a credit balance remaining on a student’s account after all obligations are paid, a financial aid refund will be generated.

When are financial aid refunds disbursed? Financial aid refunds are not generated until registration is over and until instructors have completed their attendance verifications. The attendance verifications must be complete for each class that a student is registered for or the financial aid refund will be delayed.

Any refund due to the student will be applied toward any outstanding obligations before any remaining refund is issued. In the event of a nonrefundable waiver or scholarship, or in the event of a third party sponsorship payment, the student's refund will revert back to the waiver, scholarship or third party.

For additional information regarding refunds, visit BankMobile’s website or contact the Cashier’s Office.