Residency For Tuition Purposes

EVERY student wishing to qualify for in-state tuition rates must complete the required Florida Residency Declaration. The declaration and supporting documentation must be submitted AND processed PRIOR to the start of your first semester of classes.

Acceptable documentation is listed on the declaration. The declaration and documents may be mailed, hand-delivered, faxed, or emailed to your preferred campus location.

Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes

General Information

A Florida "Resident for Tuition Purposes" is a person who (or a dependent person whose parent or legal guardian) has established and maintained legal residence in Florida for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the first day of classes for the term that the student plans to enroll. To qualify as a "Florida Resident for Tuition Purposes" you must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident alien, or legal alien granted indefinite stay by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Please note that residency guidelines may be subject to change and that the State of Florida Statute is the final determining factor governing residency for tuition purposes.

The Residency Declaration, along with copies of the supporting documents, must be submitted to the Admissions Office on the campus or center of your choice no later than the published "Last day to apply for change of Florida residency status" for the term in which the residency is requested (which can be located on the Official College Calendar).

For more information regarding Florida Residency for tuition purposes visit Florida Shines. Read more about the Florida Statutes on residency here.


Independent Student Criteria: Documents must be submitted as proof of independence.

  • Student is at least 24 years old before first day of classes
  • Student is married (marriage certificate required)
  • Student has children or other dependents who receive more than half of their support from the student (IRS transcript required)
  • Student is a veteran of the US Armed Forces or is currently serving on active duty in the US Armed Forces for purposes other than training (DD-214 or military orders required)
  • Student’s parents are deceased, or the student is/was (until age 18) a ward of the court or in foster care (death certificates or court order/letter from DCF required)
  • Student is determined an unaccompanied homeless by a school district homeless liaison, emergency shelter, or transitional housing program
  • Student has income of at least $9,655 (Copy of IRS transcript required)

Dependent Student Criteria:

  • Student who is under the age of 24 and does not meet the criteria to be classified as independent.

Non-Florida Residents

General Information

If student is unable to prove Florida Residency as outlined above, he or she will automatically be assessed out-of-state tuition rates. No documentation is necessary to be charged out-of-state tuition rates.

Out-Of-State Tuition Waivers

Some students may qualify for out-of-state tuition waivers. Please see the forms below to determine if you qualify.

Other Residency Information

Appealing Residency Determination

If your application for residency is denied and you choose to appeal the decision, you must submit an Appeal of Resident Status Form within 10 calendar days prior to the first day of classes to the Admissions Office. The designated Residency Appeal Committee will review the appeal and inform the applicant of the final residency determination in writing via email. Please note that the Residency Appeal Committee cannot override Florida statutes which govern residency for tuition purposes. The decision of the Residency Appeal Committee is considered the final decision of Florida SouthWestern State College.

Residency Reclassification

A student who is initially classified as a non-resident for tuition purposes and paid the out-of-state fees may become eligible for reclassification to a Florida Resident for Tuition Purposes if the student (if independent) or claimant (if dependent) can provide 3 qualifying documents to show residency 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of classes for the term in which residency is being sought. At least one of the documents must be a First Tier document.