Dual Enrollment Transfer

Have you considered the benefits of full time Dual Enrollment for your Jr. and Sr. years?

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Opportunities to attend a Dual Enrollment Open House will be linked here soon

Top reasons to enroll at FSW Collegiate High School as a full time Dual Enrollment student:

  • Experience college life as a high school student
  • Meet Florida high school graduation requirements while taking college classes at FSW State College
  • Opportunity to earn A.A. degree upon high school graduation
  • Dedicated course advising from high school counselors and FSW academic advisors
  • Individualized student attention and personalized advising
  • Expert college guidance and advising
  • Free tuition and books
  • Select class days and times that work for your schedule
  • Complete high school graduation requirements on the FSW State College campus
  • Opportunity to earn FGCU’s Eagle-Collegiate Scholarship ($5000 for 3 years)
  • Participate in both high school and college campus extracurricular activities and clubs
  • Be a peer mentor for lower grade students
  • FSW Honors Scholars Program
  • Experience study abroad the summer after high school graduation
  • Endless opportunities to pursue academic interests
  • Learn from esteemed faculty