2016-17 Duty Day Calendar (48 KB)
    2017 W-4 (116 KB)
    2018 2019 Duty Day Calendar (47 KB)
    FRS Certification Form.pdf (34 KB)
    HR-002 Administrative Evaluation Form (174 KB)
    HR-010 Contract for Part Time Employment - blank form (87 KB)
    HR-012 Contract Recommendation Form CHS (45 KB)
    HR-014 Drug Free Workplace Compliance Statement & Policy (27 KB)
    HR-015 EEO Stats revised 8-3-15(1) (39 KB)
    HR-018 Employment Procedures (11 KB)
    HR-021 Exemption from Public Records[2] (113 KB)
    HR-023 Faculty Contract Recommendation Form (59 KB)
    HR-035 Loyalty Oath (23 KB)
    HR-039 Notification of Social Security Numbers Policy Form (215 KB)
    HR-042 Personal Data Sheet (187 KB)
    HR-043 Personnel Action Form, Full-Time & Part-Time (5)7.5.2018 (59 KB)
    HR-044 Personnel Action Form, Student Assistants & Overloads 7.5.2018... (59 KB)
    HR-050 Recruitment Recommendation Coversheet (111 KB)
    HR-051 Reporting Structure Change Form TEMPLATE (43 KB)
    HR-054 Request for Temporary Personnel (136 KB)
    HR-055 Request for Volunteer Services Form (39 KB)
    HR-059 Staff Performance Review (54 KB)
    HR-061 Tuition Reimbersement Application (32 KB)
    HR-062 Tuition Scholarship Employee Dependent Form (127 KB)
    HR-064 Verification of Full-Time Employment Char CHS(Teachers) doc (24 KB)
    HR-065 Verification of Full-Time Employment Lee CHS(Teachers) doc (24 KB)
    HR-066 Verification of Full-Time Employment (117 KB)
    HR-070 WS Request form-Student 2016 2017 (211 KB)
    HR-070 WS Request form-Student 2016 2017(1) (285 KB)
    HR-071 Requesting Department Information (37 KB)
    HR-60 Employment Reference Check-Blank (127 KB)
    PS 011A Vehicle Registration Form 2008-09.pdf (25 KB)
    SSA-1945 (112 KB)
    Windfall Elimination Provision EN-05-10045 (151 KB)