General Education Assessment

Florida SouthWestern State College will be initiating a revised assessment of the General Education Program beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year. This process will provide the baseline data for the continuous improvement cycle in the academic unit.

The General Education Assessment Subcommittee of the Learning Assessment Committee reviewed several commonly-used assessment processes and supports the following approach, based on the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Value Rubric implementation model. This is a faculty-driven model which involves measuring achievement of General Education Competencies through locally designed assignments and assessments. In order to encourage college-wide representation, participating faculty will be credited with College Service.

How to Participate

We are asking all full-time and adjunct faculty to submit artifacts (either from new or existing assignments) that, in their opinion, represents attainment of one or more of the five General Education Competencies (Communication, Critical Thinking, Global Socio-cultural Responsibility, Technology/Information Management, Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning). Any assignment from short-answer quizzes, to essays, projects, or videotaped presentations will be acceptable.

We ask that faculty send in their assignment guidelines to their Departmental Assessment Coordinators by the last Friday in September (fall) and the last Friday in February (spring) to give the Learning Assessment Committee time to review them, create a program map, and ensure all disciplines are represented. LAC will then compare guidelines to the rubrics to see which align best and how the rubrics may need to be revised before the scoring sessions. Faculty will then submit all the ungraded artifacts from the selected class sections to the Assessment Coordinators at the end of fall semester. Faculty who submit assignments and artifacts will receive a certificate for College Service.

Your assistance in this assessment project is most appreciated!

Click here to access the General Education Assignment Submission Form.

Support for General Education Assessment and course-level assessment is provided by:

, Coordinator of Academic Assessment
, Assessment Analyst


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