Nielsen, Erik

Biography: Math


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Mr. Nielsen began his teaching career in 1986 in the picturesque seaside city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Since his first day in the classroom, he has absolutely loved creating vivid understandings of any subject he has taught, which includes Math, English, Language Arts, Reading, History, PE, Choir, Band, and Woodshop.  For the past thirteen years he has taught Math at Murdock Middle School here in Charlotte County.  Being a visual learner, he works diligently to lodge creative images in the minds of his students that will contribute to their understanding and lead to increased confidence.  Combining this with his love of using teenage-interest stories and humorous life-lessons, he finds great satisfaction in watching students begin to enjoy math as their skills increase.

Mr. Nielsen has three grown children (Mitch, Peder, and Samantha), is an accomplished guitarist, loves to ride bikes and be outdoors, travels frequently to Colorado to visit family, and enjoys the camaraderie of the FSWC community.