Buc PRIDE is our schoolwide positive behavior support system that helps us create a positive and supporting learning environment here at FSWC.

Please join me in congratulating the following students for being selected by our faculty as our “September Students of the Month”. Throughout the month of September, these students consistently displayed our school’s core values — what we refer to as showing us their “Buc PRIDE”.

Pictured are:

Freshman Sophia Clancy (seated left), Sophomore Hunter Ingram (standing left), Junior Alicia Longo (standing right, and Senior Amy Enberg (seated right)

FSWC HS strives to develop what we believe to be 5 core values that we feel are essential to the growth and development of our students. These core values are referred to as “Buc PRIDE” and they consist of:

P = Passion and Curiosity for Learning

R = Respect and Kindness Towards Others

I = Integrity and Ethical Decision Making

D = Determination and Grit in Long Term Goals

E = Excellence in Academic Achievements

Buc Brand: Zest, Curiosity, Gratitude, Self-control, Grit, Optimism, and Social Intelligence.