Dual Enrollment Information

Registration Video
This video created by FSWC juniors, aids students in their quest to find classes and sign up for them. Having a peer published video gives viewers an inside look from someone who has gone through the registration process.

Advising Video
This video explains to students how they can schedule an appointment with their advisor online. This is important because advisors help students stay on track with their graduation requirements.

Your Journey to the AA Degree
This video describes what students can expect as they work toward their AA Degree.

The Basics of Canvas
This video walks students through how to use the fundamentals of canvas.

Tips of Canvas
This video introduces students to features they might not have been aware of.

Student Resources
This video focuses on the resources the website specifically offers students.

Writing Resources
This video concentrates on resources available to students to enhance their writing.

The Importance of Cornerstone
This PowerPoint offers a preview of the cornerstone curriculum, along with a narrative from a student who has taken the class.


FSW Student Calendar
This video explains the importance of the student calendar and gives students a way to stay connected on the charlotte campus.