Parent Rights and Responsibilities


FSWC-Charlotte parents have the right to expect the following:

  • That all students are safe when in attendance at FSWC-Charlotte;
  • That learning is the highest priority at FSWC-Charlotte;
  • That FSWC-Charlotte teachers are familiar with and design their courses state adopted benchmarks;
  • That FSWC-Charlotte teachers are prepared with meaningful class lessons every day;
  • That FSWC-Charlotte teachers will return homework and papers in a timely fashion;
  • That the entire FSWC-Charlotte community will work together to help students develop the attitudes, behaviors, and skills necessary to become ready to do college-level work;
  • That students will receive expert guidance in course selection, in college preparation, in career exploration;
  • That FSWC-Charlotte will offer a varied after-school activity program;
  • That disciplinary actions will be fair and consistent;
  • That the school administrators will communicate regularly with the parent and student community about school events and school issues.


FSWC-Charlotte asks that, as parents, you do the following:

  • Make sure your child gets to school on time.
  • Ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for school.
  • Expect that your child will behave appropriately at school, on the school bus, and at school events.
  • Call the school attendance line when your child is absent.
  • Notify the principal if your child will have an extended absence.
  • Provide a quiet place for your child to study and monitor studies, if necessary.
  • Check FOCUS on a regular basis to see how your child is performing in each class. Read communications from the school: letters, emails, website postings.
  • Attend any meetings called to discuss your child’s academic performance and/or behavior.
  • Share with appropriate school personnel any changes in the family that might impact your child’s performance in school.


  • FSWC-Charlotte hopes that you will volunteer to support the school by attending school events, chaperoning school parties, offering to carpool, participating with fund-raising activities, helping students in need;
  • Let school administrators know when you hear comments about FSWC-Charlotte, both positive and negative;
  • Share the success of FSWC-Charlotte with friends and community leaders.
  • Our Principal, Michelle Wier, will serve as your Parent Liaison so please reach out to her with any concerns you have as an FSWC parent.

For district procedures to reinforce Parental Rights in Education under 1001.42 (8)(c), F.S.: visit :

For school-based assistance and questions:

  • For attendance reporting of students in grades 9/10 and general questions, please call  941-637-5673.
  • For individual class concerns, please email individual teachers (Check STAFF page for accurate email addresses. Email links from Focus do not typically work so please email our staff from our website).
  • For overall academic concerns, please email your child’s School Counselor, Amber Foster.