Sutton, Jesse

Biography: Social Studies

Mr. Sutton is a native of West Virginia. Originally, his career focus led him to pursue and obtain training and a degree in Automotive/Transport Technologies and Business. After a short stint on this career path, Mr. Sutton began to travel which ignited his interest in world cultures and history… and in travel in general. After deciding to pursue a new career path in education, Mr. Sutton completed a Master’s Degree in Education and, soon after, moved to Charlotte County, Florida. For the first 8 years of his teaching career, he worked at Lemon Bay High School where he also coached Track & Field and was the head of the Social Studies Department and various other clubs and organizations. Soon after FSWC opened its doors, an opportunity presented itself for Mr. Sutton to join this amazing school where he has since served as the US History teacher and has taught Law Studies, International Relations, and Horticulture as academic electives. Mr. Sutton still travels frequently and heads a bi-annual trip to different destinations in Europe for students who are able to enroll.