Mitchell, Michael

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Students might describe Mr. Mitchell as intuitive, witty, empathetic, and very passionate. Mr. Mitchell was the first teacher hired to teach at FSWC and has loved every minute of it. He was a marine scientist for 15 years, and these days, enjoys infusing marine science in his Biology classes. He has two Bachelor of Science degrees, both from University of Illinois – Chicago, in Biology and Psychology. He also has a Master of Science degree in Marine Science from University of South Florida, and is a PhD candidate in Educational Research, Measurement, Evaluation working on infusing socioscientific issues into his lessons. Mr. Mitchell has published numerous works, including Fishes of Charlotte Harbor, Fish Habitat Associations among Seagrasses, Mangroves, and Sand Flats of Charlotte Harbor, Occurrence of White Sharks in the Gulf of Mexico, Conducting Teacher Evaluations Using the Model for Collaborative Evaluations, and Creating a Scale for Barriers to Implementation of a Psychological Approach to Prevent Self-Harm Behavior.
When Mr. Mitchell and his wife adopted their daughter from China, he worked in computer consulting so his wife could stay home with their daughter. Once his daughter was school-age, he decided to become a teacher, not only because of his love for learning, but also so he could share the same schedule with his family.  Mr. Mitchell spends a lot of time preparing to make sure that he is able to present information in the most effective ways, and adapts to each cohort in order to prepare students for future college science classes. His students learn a lot about biology over two semesters, but they also learn about his background. Mr. Mitchell has had his pilot’s license, a two-time All-American gymnast on a two-time National Championship team, and worked in marine science and computer consulting.