Edison State College Nursing Program One of Six Worldwide Selected to Test Program

Oct 1, 2013

OCTOBER 1, 2013 – NAPLES, FLA –Recently, the Nursing Program (ASN) at Edison State College School of Health Professions (Collier Campus) served as a beta tester for Laerdal Medical’s new SimView program, a debriefing system that is programmed into SimMan patient simulators. Edison’s nursing program was one of six sites in the world chosen to test the program.

SimMan patient simulators are programmed with healthcare scenarios so nursing students can experience the same situations they might experience in real-life hospital settings. The SimMan also mimics reactions of human patients. They can talk, blink their eyes and react to light, register blood pressure, and create heart and lung sounds. Students can also perform therapies including CPR, IVs, and defibrillation on the simulators. Following completion of the scenarios, the students are debriefed on what they experienced, what they did right and wrong, and how they can improve the next time.

“Patient simulators give our nursing students the chance to practice and increase their confidence before they begin their clinical training on real patients in hospitals,” said Mary Pasquinelli, Clinical Coordinator. “It helps them become more comfortable at the bedside and allows them to experience the consequences of their mistakes without harming a real person. Patient simulators are so advanced that in Florida, 25 percent of clinical hours can be achieved with clinical simulation.”    

With the SimView debriefing program, cameras are placed in the simulation room and record audio and video of the students as they work through the scenarios. The recordings are then saved to a network and can be pulled up in the classroom so the students can watch the scenarios and monitor their progress. This allows students to see exactly what occurred during the scenarios without having to rely on their memories and perceptions of what happened.

“Through Edison State College’s participation, we learned even more about the SimView program than we had anticipated,” said George Korol, South Florida Territory Manager, Laerdal Medical. “We went through a few upgrades due to their findings before we released the program. The college was significant in helping us arrive at the final version.”

“The SimMan and SimView program have helped me become more confident in my nursing education and skills,” said nursing student Megan Ferguson. “Being able to practice nursing scenarios with my own tools, experiencing what can go right and what can go wrong with a patient, and then having the opportunity to watch and learn from my mistakes will help me be more knowledgeable and calm when I begin my hospital clinicals with real patients.”

Dr. Marie Collins, Dean of the School of Health Professions, Edison State College added, "this global impact of simulation education at Edison State College demonstrates the college's commitment to ensuring that we offer the best training for our professional graduates."


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