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Edison State Unveils New Logo

Dec 11, 2008

December 11, 2008 -- Edison State College is proud to unveil a new logomark to represent the College.

In August Edison College was renamed Edison State College. The historic change was just the beginning of Edison State’s expanded mission. Edison State President Dr. Kenneth Walker tasked the College’s Marketing Department to create a new logo to demonstrate the College has entered a new era.

“Edison State is a well-established, well respected member of the Southwest Florida community,” Dr. Walker said. “The diamond, torch and flame are key elements our community has come to recognize and to identify with our College.”

The logo Edison State College is unveiling today maintains Edison State’s signature elements, the diamond, torch and the traditional blue color. It incorporates yellows and oranges to give the logo a vibrancy and three-dimensional look.

“Edison State is a vibrant 4-year College,” said Walker. “Our logo and image should reflect that vibrancy.”

A branding campaign is now underway to promote the values and characteristics shared by Thomas Alva Edison and the college, e.g. hard work, determination, innovation, and belief in one person's ability to impact the world in a positive way.

Walker said that the new logo will be phased in to assure the efficient use of resources. Please phase in the new logo as resources warrant. The logo is approved and available for use immediately. Please use existing collateral materials until March 1, 2009. After that date we stop using of the any materials bearing the old logo March 1, 2009.

The logo was designed by Brian Stromlund, Creative Director at Times of the Islands Magazine. Please find the full color and one-color logos at:

Last Updated: December 11, 2008

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