First Fall Commencement Ceremony for Edison State College

Dec 4, 2009

First Fall Commencement Ceremony for Edison State College

First Bachelor Degrees awarded to Supervision and Management Students


For the first time in its 48 year history, Edison State College will host a Fall Commencement Ceremony. 


“The recent increase in enrollment growth at Edison State warrants the additional ceremony in an effort to provide a more personal atmosphere,” said Dr. Steve Atkins, Vice President of Academic and Student Services.  “More than 1,500 students from Edison State’s three campuses and two centers will earn a degree.” 


More than 100 students will don gowns and take the stage of the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall to receive their diplomas.

The ceremony includes graduates from Edison State’s entire district including campuses in Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties, the Hendry/Glades Center and Edison Online.  The ceremony will be held at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Thursday, December 10th at 6:00pm, students will begin lining up at 5:00pm in Leonhardt Hall.


Friends and family are welcome to attend.  For free tickets and information contact the Barbara B. Mann Box Office at at 239-481-4849 or Toll Free at 800-440-7469.


For Dineesha and Justin Edwards, the diploma will represent the completion of an educational journey they’ve traveled together.  Dineesha and Justin met 15 years ago while both were in high school. Married for four and a half years, the two have been working toward their degrees on Edison State’s Lee Campus for most of their married life.


 “It’s definitely been challenging juggling our education, careers, and life- but we did it at a time in which we were able to focus on our education,” explained Dineesha. “Now we can focus on our future goals,” added Justin.


Justin has completed his AS degree in Fire Science Technology.  While going to school he also works full time as an Engineer/EMT for the Bayshore Fire and Rescue District.  Justin is confident the degree will eventually help earn a promotion to an officer’s position in the profession.  He began taking classes in 2003 and earned an Emergency Medical Technician Certificate.  He continued to advance his studies and will now be the proud recipient of a degree.


“My department is very proactive toward education and encourages its employees to pursue studies. I believe my education enables me to provide the best service to the people in the areas we protect,” said Justin.


Dineesha also studied in an area directly linked to her career path.  She works for Lee County Court Administration in the Domestic Violence Unit and volunteers for the Teen Court program. With a fully packed daytime agenda, she was able to schedule evening and on-line courses to earn her AS degree in Criminal Justice at Edison State.  A former boss recommended the program few years ago, and Dineesha believes the knowledge gained through her coursework has already helped further her career.

The Fall 2009 commencement ceremony is also historic for Edison State College as it marks the first graduating class of students to earn a bachelor’s degree in the Supervision and Management program. 


“These eight students represent a new era for Edison State College.  Our College continues to grow and to expand we continue to look for new ways to support our area’s workforce,” said Dr. Kenneth P. Walker, President of Edison State College. “Graduates of the Supervision and Management program have studied classical management along with emerging business management strategies and concepts. They are well prepared to enter the business world and become leaders in our community.”