School of Business & Technology Internships

There are currently two separate, discipline-specific internship courses at the lower level (an XXX 1949 and an XXX 2949) for every discipline in the School except Paralegal and Criminal Justice. In each AS area a student can earn up to 6 elective credits in an internship and have that internship exactly match his or her field of study. Not all AS programs have room for 6 elective credits, but the School of Business and Technology keeps that level for the programs that do, and for AA students seeking a concentration. In the business area, the list is further subdivided into general business, hospitality, and marketing, along with a single 3-credit internship in management. In the Criminal Justice area, students can avail themselves of 3 internship credits via PAD 2949.

In the Paralegal program, PLA 2942 is the internship and it is part of the core. Please note: Only majors in the Paralegal program are allowed to participate in this internship.

For all of the non-PLA disciplines in the School of Business and Technology, students seeking internship experiences must invest at least 75 hours performing the internship itself (except the PAD which is 135 hours), have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, have earned 30 credit hours towards the degree, and have taken certain discipline-specific courses to apply for the internship.

Employers must document what the intern will do and the time he or she has spent on the job. The employer also provides a rating at the end of the internship. At the same time, the faculty member assigned to the internship is monitoring the student and requiring certain academic involvement and exercise such as a journal of events and a summary paper.

Lastly, the School of Business and Technology offers MAN 3949 and PAD 4949 upper level internships (3 credits each) for SMAN(Supervision and Management) and PSAD (Public Safety Administration) students. There is the potential for a student to earn up to 9 credits in internships during his or her tenure at FSW (6 in the AS degree in Business, for example, then another 3 in SMAN). It is also possible for a student to do some or all of that credit with the same employer.

Internship Contacts (School of Business and Technology):

  • School of Business and Technology (all School of Business and Technology internships except Paralegal)
    (239) 489-9270 or

  • Mary Conwell (Paralegal)
    (239) 489-9424 or