FSW offers 24/7 online tutoring that connects you one-to one with a subject expert tutor when you need assistance. The College has partnered with Tutor.com to provide 24/7 online tutorial assistance for online and face-to-face (ground) courses. The additional support provided by Tutor.com complements the College’s campus-based Academic Support tutoring centers; both services designed to assist you with academic success and persistence.

Access is available on demand 24/7 to provide support in over 40 subject areas, such as:

  • Math - Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry, Finite Math, Discrete Math
  • Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Anatomy & Physiology, Organic Chemistry
  • Real-time and Drop-off Writing Support
  • Business - Accounting, Finance, Economics
  • World Languages - Spanish, French
  • Computer Science - Intro Comp Science, Java, C++, Microsoft Systems
  • Nursing Topics

How To Use This Service Make the most of your four FSW Tutor.com hours* with these suggestions:

  • On average, a Tutor.com session should be no more than 30-35 minutes per session. Use your FSW funded time wisely!
  • Review your notes and homework problems ahead of time! Figure out what you don’t know first so you are able to ask questions about specific content or confusing concepts.
  • Make sure you have the assignment ready to reference your instructor’s requirements/guidelines with the Tutor.com tutor.
  • Writing assistance - proofread and edit your papers prior to submitting any documents. A drop-off essay review now utilizes 35 minutes of your free tutoring time.
  • Math questions - take a picture of your work and upload it. Working out a problem while writing with a mouse on the white board can be tricky.

*Florida SouthWestern State College reserves the right to limit or increase the time available for use of the service.

Getting Started

The tutoring service is easy to use and can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Click the Tutor.com link located in your Canvas course(s). You will find the link at the bottom of the left-side navigation pane of the Canvas course(s) page.

As you work with the tutoring service, please also complete the feedback survey provided by Tutor.com. Address questions and/or technical issues to Monica Moore, Director of Academic Support Programs at FSW.