Represents the interests of administrative and business affairs staff.

Campus Safety (Provisional)

Provides a collaborative community in which all 28 state-assisted colleges in Florida could discuss and learn from each other’s diverse safety and security needs, situations, practices, policies, and procedures.

Career and Professional Employees

Promotes professional growth and exchange of information amongst the career and professional (non-administrative; non-faculty) employees.

Communications and Marketing

Promotes professional growth and development amongst commission members.


Provides leadership, advice, counsel, and opportunity for professional development on EA/EO matters.


Promotes the interests and issues of community college’s facilities planning and institutional services and to provide to its membership a collaborative environment for sharing ideas, experiences and successes in order to promote best practices and professional development within the multiple disciplines associated with the construction and management of our college’s facilities.


Promotes quality leadership and professional service and seeks solutions on matters relating to faculty.

Healthcare Education

Promotes legislative awareness, professional development, and recognition of best practices in all areas relating to healthcare education.

Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Professional Development

Improves institutional effectiveness, planning, and research.

Learning Resources

Represents the interests of Learning Resources personnel.

Student Development

Involves members of the Student Affairs offices in carrying out the goals and objectives of the Student Personnel philosophy.


Represents the interests of Florida’s community and state college personnel whose job interests include technology related activities or issues. The Technology Commission strives to enhance student learning, improve institutional effectiveness and promote effective participation in all aspects of technology management, planning, information sharing, eLearning and innovation.


Promotes the role and education of Florida college trustees.

Workforce, Adult and Continuing Education Commission

Represents the interests of Workforce, Adult and Continuing Education personnel.