Options for Completing Fall 2022 Courses

FSW Now Offering a No Cost, No Hassle Way to Retake Fall Courses in Spring or Summer 2023!

If you have been impacted by Hurricane Ian, the FSW faculty, staff and administration are here to support you as you continue your educational journey. As classes resume there are a few options if you need to modify or pause your participation this semester.

Option 1: Resume Fall 2022 Class(es) Before Monday, Oct. 17

Students who resume their Fall 2022 class(es) during the week of Oct. 10, 2022 and complete course requirements per the updated syllabus will be assigned grades as usual.

Option 2: Retake Fall 2022 Class(es) in Spring or Summer 2023

See FAQs About the H-22H-22 Grade Guide

Students who cannot return to Fall class(es) by Oct. 17 at the latest, but would like to re-start class(es) in Spring or Summer Term will not have to take any action in order to be issued an H-22 grade for Fall 2022. An H-22 designation will allow students to retake the course at no additional cost (including textbooks if previously purchased) in the Spring 2023 or Summer 2023 semester only.

The H-22 becomes part of the student transcript, but will not adversely impact GPA or financial aid status.

If a student re-registers for and completes the course(s) within the published timeframe, (Spring or Summer 2023) that earned letter grade will then be noted on the transcript and calculated into the GPA.

If the course/courses for which the H-22 has been issued is not retaken and completed by the student in the published timeframe, (i.e., the end of Summer Term 2023), the H-22 will automatically become a grade of “W” (withdrawal) as currently defined.

Please note: The H-22 grade is not for resumption of a class, or classes, but rather for a complete re-registration and re-take during Spring 2023 or Summer 2023 at no cost to the student.

IMPORTANT! Same days of week, same instructor, or availability of previous modality cannot be guaranteed for “re-takes” during Spring 2023 or Summer 2023.

See FAQs About the H-22H-22 Grade Guide

Other Options

Students may choose to continue to utilize normal College processes. These include

  1. requesting an Incomplete (“I”) grade for Fall Term (documentation required) with requirements to complete remaining assignments no later than Feb. 6, 2023, OR
  2. requesting a regular Withdrawal (“W”) by Nov. 9, 2022, if there is no plan to attempt to complete or reregister for the same course(s) within the published timeframe.

For Mini-B Term classes, beginning Oct. 17, 2022: Students who do not attend class by Oct. 21 will be automatically dropped.