Frequently Asked Questions for Rave Guardian at FSW

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For further assistance or for more information please contact FSW's Campus Safety (239) 489-9203

Who can use RAVE Guardian virtual safety escort?

Florida SouthWestern State College students, faculty and staff who have a college email account. The system will not allow app registrations from anything other than a Florida SouthWestern State College .edu e-mail address. The Rave Guardian service should only be utilized in areas within the Florida SouthWestern State College Rave Guardian jurisdiction on the FSW campuses and where FSW patrols.

How does it work?

As you register and create a user profile you can create ‘guardians’ who you can then use as a virtual safety escort when moving from one place to another. You may request a virtual safety escort by simply clicking the Safety Timer icon in the app, selecting your guardian and inputting the amount of time you believe it will take for you to arrive at your destination. Upon your safe arrival, simply deactivate the timer. If you do not deactivate the timer before it expires, your selected guardians will be notified.

This app also allows users to contact the FSW Public Safety department directly, either by calling or texting. This feature provides the ability to send anonymous texts for any suspicious activity on campus. There is a 9-1-1 Emergency button as well.

Can I dial the Rave Guardian number from a land line?

No. It only works with cell phones with Android or iOS operating systems.

Is it available by downloadable app?

Yes. Go to you the Apple App Store, or Google Play on your mobile device and download it there, search for Rave Guardian.

Can I request a virtual escort if I am not going from one point on campus to another but still within the jurisdiction?

It is principally designed for traveling on the FSW campus’ and where FSW patrols. However, if you are using the app to alert your “personal” guardians of your need for a virtual escort, you should be able to do so in this case. FSW Public Safety is only available to assist on FSW campus and locations.

Does it require GPS?

You will be required to turn on GPS Services for this app in order for it to work. As with any cell phone usage, there are certain factors that can affect the GPS locator accuracy. Factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Whether or not you are calling from inside a building or a "dead spot"
  • The strength of your cell signal (proximity of cell towers – satellites)
  • The type and quality of your phone, carrier and signal

Does Rave Guardian require users to have a certain kind of phone?

This app is compatible with iPhone and Android phone products

Is Rave Guardian always tracking me?

No, your privacy is of utmost importance. You can only be located if you have asked for help and Rave Guardian is only enabled when you choose to activate an alarm on your phone. Your Personal Guardians will have access to your location during timer, but Public Safety will not be able to see any info on you unless your timer has expired, and they are listed as your Guardian for that timer sessions, or you have activated the request for immediate assistance.

Will Rave Guardian let other people like my family or friends track me?

No, the only time they will see info about you is if you choose them to be a Guardian and set a new timer session.

How does my profile information get collected and sent to FSW Public Safety?

You will opt-in to this service and provide as much as you would like as part of the registration process. To maximize the full benefit of this service, your user profile should contain a current photo and accurate self-description. The more information you provide in your profile, the easier it will be for FSW Public Safety or your selected guardians to locate you, if necessary. You can change your profile picture at any time.

If I leave FSW for a semester or any length of time will my personal profile information still be available and will I be able to use the Guardian service?

No. If you leave FSW for any reason, your personal profile and account information will be removed from the campus affiliated Guardian system. Your profile will still remain available within Smart911 nationally, anywhere Smart911 is supported. Upon return you will need to register your personal profile and cell phone information again.

What other college campuses use Rave Guardian?

FGCU, Tulane University, American University, Howard University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania. For more info visit

What can I do if someone forces me to turn off Guardian?

Guardian includes a false deactivation code to alert FSW Public Safety, which is one number higher than your PIN. For example, if your PIN is 1234, you may enter 1235. Guardian will appear to turn off normally, but FSW Public Safety will be alerted. Please visit for more information on this and other questions related to the Rave Guardian app.