Budget Council

The Florida SouthWestern State College Budget Council is a group of faculty, staff, administrators and student representation from key areas who are formally assigned to provide guidance and recommendations on the process, procedures and development of the college budget.


Through a thorough understanding of the budget and of historic budgetary information the Florida SouthWestern State College Budget Council provides guidance, makes recommendations for changes as needed and recommends to the President and the College’s executive management team the final budget proposal for District Board of Trustee’s approval.


  1. College Budget Council shall be composed of the following:

    • Campus Presidents
    • Vice President of Academic Affairs
    • Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
    • Vice President of Administrative Services
    • Vice President of Research & Technology
    • Director of Human Resources and Assistant General Counsel
    • Faculty Representative
    • Student Representative
    • Staff Advisory Committee Representative

    The Director of Budget and Financial Planning will serve as ex officio and as Secretary for the Council.  College resource persons to the Council shall be determined by the Council as needed based upon the issues and areas of responsibility being discussed at the time.

  2. The Budget Council will meet at a minimum three times during the months of January through May.  Meetings may be conducted in person, by conference call and online, including electronic mail.

  3. Called meetings may be held at the discretion of the Budget Council Chair.

  4. A simple majority of members of the Budget Council will constitute a quorum.

  5. Budget Council members will be expected to attend all meetings, including called meetings.

  6. The Budget Council has the authority to call a meeting exclusively among its members.


The College Budget Council has been established to enhance college-wide understanding of the annual budget process, promote ownership for the principles which govern the college’s use of its resources, promote the well-being and long-term success of the College and increase transparency. The Budget Council shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Posting meeting minutes on the web page

  2. Prioritizing departmental budget requests consistent with the college’s strategic plan

  3. Soliciting input and identifying budget reductions as necessary

  4. Developing the annual budget calendar/timelines

  5. Ensuring budget development training/workshops are conducted

  6. Holding annual budget hearings

  7. Performing mid-year budget reviews

  8. Analyzing requests for mid-year reclasses