Quick Response Training Grants

Florida SouthWestern State College is the State Fiscal Agent for Quick Response Training (QRT) grants in southwest Florida. QRT grants are available to businesses to help train new hires. By working closely with CareerSource Florida in both Tallahassee and in southwest Florida, FSW’s Corporate Training department has been successful in securing over $10 million of QRT funds to train over 7,000 new hires over the last five years in Lee, Collier, Charlotte and Hendry counties.

This funding not only directly benefits the companies receiving training funds, but also results in a local economic benefit through the multiplier effect.

The QRT grant lasts for 12 months and is targeted on the highly customized training programs that companies need to improve the skill base of new hires. These training programs can be instructed by specialists from the company itself or by one of FSW’s Corporate Training’s extensive portfolio of business training experts.

In addition, the incumbent worker training (IWT) grant is available to support businesses who wish to train existing employees.

If you would like more information on QRT grants, please contact FSW’s Corporate Training department at (239) 489-9105 or corporate.training@fsw.edu.