Michael McGowan

Professor, Philosophy
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Email: Michael.McGowan@fsw.edu
Phone: (239) 732-3729
Extension: 33729
Location: LEE L122B
Office Hours: varies by semester


Michael McGowan is Professor of Philosophy at FSW, where he also teaches religion and humanities classes. His research lies on the border of philosophy, religion, and the arts. He is the editor of Speaking Words of Wisdom: The Beatles and Religion (Penn State University Press, 2023), co-editor of David Foster Wallace and Religion: Essays on Faith and Fiction (Bloomsbury Academic, 2019), and author of The Bridge: Revelation and its Implications (Pickwick, 2015). His writing has appeared in Blackwell’s “Philosophy and Pop Culture” series (e.g., Saturday Night Live and Philosophy and The Good Place and Philosophy), Journal of Religion and Film, Journal of Human Rights, Teaching Philosophy, Reviews in Religion and Theology, and the Teaching Ethics journal, where he also served on the Editorial Board.

Education (Degrees and Certifications)

  • Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University (Philosophy of Religion), 2012
  • M.A., University of South Florida (Ethics and Social/Political Philosophy), 2019
  • M.Div., Yale University (Philosophy of Religion and Theology), 2008
  • M.A., Malone University (Theology and Ministry), 2005
  • B.S., Taylor University (Early Childhood Education), 1999

Courses (Classes Taught Regularly)

  • PHI 2010: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI 2600: Ethics
  • REL 2300: World Religions
  • HUM 2020: Introduction to Humanities
  • HUM 2930: Great Human Questions