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Name Title Phone # Ext. Email
Rosemary Arway Adjunct Faculty Email
Tatiana Arzivian Adjunct Faculty Email
Amey Ashley Accounts Receivable Specialist II (239) 489-9291 11291 Email
Alex Atwood Maintenance Spec. I Email
Alexis Augustenborg Student Success Advisor I, SoHP (239) 432-7358 16658 Email
Rona Axelrod Professor, Mathematics (239) 489-9437 11437 Email
Genny Baballeku Program Coordinator, Respiratory Care Email
Nicole Bailey Adjunct Faculty Email
Sean Bailey Technology Services Specialist I (239) 489-9390 11390 Email
Kayla Bajpai Adjunct Faculty Email
Jennifer Baker Associate Dean, School of Business and Technology (239) 489-9292 11292 Email
Meghan Baldwin Travel & P-Card Specialist (239) 489-9340 11340 Email
Adam Baldwin Classroom Teacher, English Email
Jason Ballard Adjunct Faculty Email
Joshua Ballard Instructor, Firefighter Prog Email