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Name Title Phone # Ext. Email
Brian Botts Principal, FSW Lee Collegiate High School (239) 432-6767 16777 Email
Christopher Bowden Instructor, Firefighter Prog Email
Justin Brandon Technology Services Specialist I Email
Jeannine Branscum Accounts Payable Specialist II (239) 489-9449 11449 Email
Fred Bratt Supervisor, Facilities Maintenance and Operations Email
Kaci Brito Applications Support Analyst I (941) 833-5329 55329 Email
Magdaline Britto Dental Clinic Supervisor Email
Susan Bronstein Chief Human Resources and Organizational Development Officer (239) 489-9357 11357 Email
Tyler Brooks Clinical Assoc, Res Care Email
William Brown Student Success Advisor II (239) 489-9240 11240 Email
Stuart Brown Professor, Theatre (239) 433-8007 11607 Email
Johnnita Brown Clinical Assoc, Res Care Email
Rogers Brown Adjunct Faculty Email
Cheyenne Brown Professor, Nursing Email
Frederick Bruno Adjunct Faculty Email