Moving Guidelines

It is the goal of Facilities and Information Technology to make the moving process efficient and manageable for all personnel. These guidelines are designed to assist departments during and after the moving process. For additional information, please contact

Prior to Move

  1. Department contact will complete and submit request through the Banner online workflow form Facilities Change of Use/Move Form available in the FSW portal.
  2. Moves will be scheduled approximately three weeks after final approval. (Times may vary depending on project size or the purchase of furniture or equipment.)
  3. Facilities and Information Technology will assess move needs with assigned department contact.
  4. Department paying for a project will also fund moving costs.
  5. Facilities will provide tentative move schedule approximately two weeks before move.
  6. Facilities will provide standard packing boxes. Additional boxes may be requested via email.
  7. Departments will pack all books, files, supplies, personal belongings, and small office equipment. Small office equipment includes: staplers, hole punches, paper cutters, binding equipment, etc. (Movers are not responsible for personal belongings, legal papers, money, etc. For your protection, we recommend you move these privately to prevent loss or damage to items.)
  8. Computers, printers, phones, copiers, fax machines, and associated equipment will be disconnected and moved by Information Technology.
  9. Departments will label all boxes and equipment with name of person and new location. Items not packed or properly labeled will be reappropriated or discarded as determined by Facilities or Information Technology.
  10. Department contact will submit Work Order for new room keys and access controls (electronic door locks) to Campus Police 10 days prior to move. The request must list the individual granted access, key and access control room number(s). (Facilities will coordinate requests based on department provided move list when moves exceed 5 or more people.)
  11. Facilities will schedule room cleaning.

Day of Move

  1. Information Technology will disconnect and prepare technology to be moved.
  2. Facilities will move furniture and computers for offices first and then proceed to other areas.
  3. Facilities will setup furniture and Information Technology will setup technology. (Times will depend on size of move.)
  4. Facilities will then move boxes. (We recommend departments bring necessary files and supplies to support operations until boxes are moved to new locations.)
  5. Personnel will return existing room keys to the Campus Police Office located on their respective campus. (Faculty or staff relocating to another campus / center must return their keys to the campus they are leaving and pick up new keys at the campus they are going to.)

    • Thomas Edison Campus, building D
    • Collier Campus, building A
    • Charlotte Campus, building N
    • Hendry Glades Center, building B

After Move

  1. Departments to contact Facilities when boxes are emptied for pickup. (Boxes supplied by Facilities must be returned.)
  2. Personnel not issued a key may contact Campus Police Office to open doors until necessary paperwork is complete and person is issued key.
  3. Facilities will update room number signage. (Based on move list.)
  4. Facilities will schedule room cleaning.
  5. Information Technology will update directory information in Banner for the FSW online directory.