Office of Field Experience


Field experiences for the Bachelor of Science in Education occur in three levels: Foundation, Practicum, and Internship. Foundation courses require 15 hours of small group and one-on-one instruction. In these courses, the teacher candidates practice specific skills that have been introduced by their college professors. Practicum courses require teacher candidates to develop and deliver 5 whole-class lessons. During Final Internship, teacher candidates work their way up to full classroom take-over.

In Order to be Placed

  1. Submit Field Experience Application prior to each semester. (Will be distributed through Canvas.)
  2. Follow fingerprinting guidelines for your district.
  3. Send proof of clearance to Sherry Blanset.
  4. Placement information will be posted to Anthology.


Sherry Blanset

Coordinator of Clinical Placements

Office: U-214K Phone: 239-985-3468