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College Operating Procedures

Welcome to the Florida SouthWestern State College Policies and Procedures web site. All approved College procedures can be viewed here.

By using the navigation boxes to the left, you may view all procedures within each volume by clicking on the appropriate area and referring to the resulting page.

Recent Procedure Updates / Approvals

The following procedures were approved by the President Cabinet:

Procedures Under Review / Development

  • 06-0601 Counseling Services Operations
  • 06-0803 Student Academic Grievance
  • 06-0804 Student Written Complaint – Non Academic

Rescinded COPs

  • 03-1703 Grading Policies
  • 03-1702 Registration Policy
  • 03-1603 General Regulation for Community Public Service Events
  • 03-1205 Incomplete Grade
  • 03-1108 Faculty Rosters
  • 03-1104 Faculty Hiring Procedures Full Time
  • 03-1103 Faculty Hiring Adjunct
  • 03-1003 Department Challenge Exams
  • 06-0802 Student Code of Conduct
  • 01-0106 Comments for Guest of the DBOT
  • 04-0804 Financial Aid Packaging Guidelines
  • 04-0802 Financial Aid – FSW Cares
  • 04-0803 FASFA Info
  • 04-0805 Short Term Loan