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Anime Club

Aviation Club

Bowling Club

Campus Activities Board

Cardiovascular Tech Club

Chess Club

Chi Alpha

Creative Writing Club

To provide an opportunity for students of FSW to:

  • Celebrate: To commemorate and honor freedom of speech, freedom of the press, writing, and literature, creativity, imagination, rhetoric, and various writing genres (e.g. Fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, et al).
  • Rewrite: To intellectually support members in constructive critiques on their work or ideas in relation to literary techniques, mechanics, ethics, and development.
  • Artistry: To respect writing as a form of art.
  • Explore: To probe and examine various authors, literature, films, genres, and criticisms.
  • Trust: To provide a safe and civil forum to gather, express, and share all things that circumvent around writing as art, craft, and creativity.
  • Educate: To teach and assist the FSW community (students, staff and faculty) on civic engagements, on and off campus through writing.

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FSW Creative Writing Club

Euclidean Society

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Gay-Straight Alliance




Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Kappa Delta Epsilon (K.D.E)

Most Magical Club

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

National Student Nurses Association

Paralegal Club

Respiratory Care Club

Philosophy Club

Phi Theta Kappa (P.T.K.)

Plant Based Plate (PBP)

Pre-Med Club

Student Economist Union

Troops and Students Connect Force (T.a.S.C.)

United Gamers Association (U.G.A.)

Yoga Flow