Student Involvement


Student involvement aims to inspire learning through co-curricular programs that instill valuable life skills and prepare students for participation in a global society by allowing students to create spaces to educate and lead.

What is Student Involvement?

Buc Events

Find a sense of community and belonging

Registered Student Organizations

Lead and Educate

Campus Recreation & Wellness

Take wellness into your own hands

Opportunities to Get Involved!

If You Want to...

Then You Should Explore...

Meet peers with similar interests and hobbies. Registered Student Organizations
Create and plan engaging events for the campus community. Campus Activities Board
Learn healthy habits to build a more balanced lifestyle. Campus Recreation & Wellness
Attend spirit events with fellow students, staff, and faculty. Buc Events
Take care of your physical wellness using cardio and strength equipment. Fitness Center
Explore Florida on adventure-style field trips. Outdoor Pursuits

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