Mission and Vision


The mission of the School of Pure and Applied Sciences is to prepare students to develop strong intellectual and practical skills in math and science, to demonstrate effectively the ability to apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings in order to deal with complex, diverse, and capacious civic issues, and to develop a sense of social responsibility. Our purpose is to enrich our students’ program-related knowledge, expand their educational opportunities, help them acquire transferable and lifelong learning and workplace skills, and inspire them to pursue rewarding careers and be actively involved in our democracy as well-informed citizens. To support this mission, the School is committed to providing professional development opportunities for its faculty, rigorous curriculum reviews, and quality teaching and learning opportunities for our students.


The vision of the School of Pure and Applied Sciences is to provide the highest quality academic learning opportunities for students in the areas of math and science, steeped in challenging undergraduate scholarship, excellent teaching, and an informed commitment to serving the community in order to strengthen the welfare of our democracy.