The School of Pure and Applied Sciences supports Florida SouthWestern State College’s Associate of Arts Degree by offering a rigorous curriculum in math and science. A student’s successful completion of the general education and discipline-specific aspects of the degree establishes a foundation for lifelong learning and prepares the student to be a thoughtful, informed, global citizen. This educational experience fosters academic excellence, interdisciplinary dialog, respect for self and others, and social responsibility.

Programs of Study

AA in General Studies

The mission of Florida SouthWestern State College's General Education Program is to provide students with trans-disciplinary learning experiences that empower them to be active, informed and ethical citizens.

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AS in Science and Engineering Technology

The Associate in Science (AS) in Science and Engineering Technology program offers a sequence of courses that presents coherent and rigorous content needed to prepare for employment and/or promotion in occupations where a general knowledge of scientific and/or engineering methodologies is required.

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Certificate in Scientific Workplace Preparation

The College Credit Certificate (CCC) in Scientific Workplace Preparation prepares students for entry-level employment in a science or engineering laboratory. It improves the student's communication, information technology, and math skills while developing basic scientific laboratory skills.

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Honors Scholar Program

Florida SouthWestern State College's Honors Scholar Program offers students an enriched and challenging educational experience that extends learning beyond the classroom. We strive to cultivate academic excellence, skillful leadership, and commitment to social responsibility. As a rigorous, transdisciplinary program, we inspire students to seek out transformative experiences and participate in the world in new ways.