Vision & Mission


Florida SouthWestern State College will be the catalyst for creating an innovative education system which provides accessible educational pathways that prepare students to be enlightened and productive citizens.


We value student success, integrity, intellectual inquiry, and academic rigor.


The mission of Florida SouthWestern State College is to inspire learning; prepare a diverse population for creative and responsible participation in a global society; and serve as a leader for intellectual, economic, and cultural awareness in the community.

Strategic Directions

  1. Focus recruiting and admissions upon entering FSW with the intent and commitment to graduate.
    • Continue to recruit high-achieving students
    • Encourage full-time enrollment
    • Facilitate student completion of financial aid / scholarship applications

  2. Explore new workforce-related certificate and degree options benefiting potential FSW students.

  3. Support curricular and programmatic innovation to enhance the academic experience, engender student achievement, and increase the number of successful FSW graduates.
    • Continue to reinforce best teaching and learning practices through professional development offerings
    • Upgrade and increase academic technology to support active and engaged learning across the disciplines
    • Strengthen the academic learning community through opportunities for dialogue and collaboration within and across disciplines

  4. Review college processes and procedures based on facilitating graduation.

  5. Create a college experience that enhances FSW students' - both residential and commuter, traditional and nontraditional - education to become a well-rounded FSW graduate.
    • Continue to enhance residence life programs
    • Continue to involve students in extracurricular activities - academic enrichment experiences, athletic events, cultural experiences, international experiences, research opportunities, etc.
    • Expand internship experiences
    • Explore how students can get a full program/degree/certificate on a satellite campus by articulating the satellite campus program of study including timelines of classes on each campus
    • Increase scholarly activity, including opportunities for student research
    • Expand international education