Visual Arts

Our objective is to train innovative, systemic thinkers who stretch the boundaries of society through their visual interpretation of the complexity of our culture. We encourage the role of artists as the creative problem solvers who both reflect and shape our time in history. Our goal is to inform, challenge, stimulate and supply formal knowledge to assist in the formation of a limitless artist. To this end, we offer a variety of avenues for student engagement:

  • Introductory and Advanced classes in Painting, Drawing, Conceptual Art and Installation, Photography, Abstract Painting, Figure Drawing, and Ceramics
  • Foundation courses (Basic design, Three-Dimensional design and Color Theory)
  • Multiple scholarships in Art that are advertised throughout the year
  • Art Club and Film Society where students can collaborate and share ideas outside of class to foster a vibrant campus culture
  • Host Art 48, an interdisciplinary art competition that offers students the opportunity to earn prestige through their work and win money
  • Three exhibition spaces for student work, and stage student exhibitions each semester, one of which offers cash prizes for student work
  • Participate in Art Walk in downtown Fort Myers