Service Requests

To streamline your service and supply delivery (not including paper delivery), we encourage you to contact DEX Imaging directly. Note: Toner will auto-ship overnight when the unit still has 20% toner remaining. Toner will now be delivered right to the location of your machine, and will not go to IT. Please allow the toner to run out further before replacing. If you are aware of a large upcoming job, or a much busier time of year coming up, please feel free to let DEX know earlier than the low toner warning, so you can get what you need prior to the 20% threshold mark.

Requesting Service Online: (Preferred Method)

Request Service
Order Supplies

Please provide

Please provide:

  • First & Last Name
  • Company Name (Florida SouthWestern State College)
  • Email Address
  • Business Phone
  • Equipment ID #
  • Make & Model (if available)
  • Supplies Needed (not including paper)

Requesting Service from Dex By Phone:

Press 1 for Service
Press 2 for Supplies/Toner

Please provide:

  • Equipment ID #
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • What you are requesting. i.e. error code on machine, or black and magenta toner