FSW Dining

Welcome back Bucs!

As we all know, the COVID-19 Pandemic has kept us from our traditional face to face interactions for some time but it is great to see everyone back together again! While this is an exciting time for us here in FSW Dining, we are presented with unique challenges and since we are all in this together, I thought it best to be open with you about our struggles.

Due to the current national labor shortage, our suppliers are hitting roadblocks in the supply chain, and we are experiencing inconsistent availability of products and delivery delays. This may mean that some of your favorites may not be available in a dining space. Please know that we are working diligently to find replacements where possible and our vendors are doing all possible to increase product availability.

I also ask that you please be patient with our Dining Team as we experience a challenge in hiring despite our various continuous recruiting efforts. In some dining spaces, we have new team members who are happy to be with us, but they are learning and appreciate your patience as they learn and grow to be rockstars in the FSW Dining community. I will continue to update you through the FSW Dining Website and our social media channels as this semester progresses:

Britnie Blackman General Manager