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FSW has entered stage 1 of our return to campus plan. FSW will continue to serve students remotely during stage 1. Students will be allowed to come to campus for enrollment services during stage 2. The stage 2 start date will be Monday, July 13th. Details on how students can utilize on-campus services will be provided in the coming weeks.. Please continue to follow the FSW communication channels for updates. View return to campus plan.

ARC Grant Recipients Academic Year 2017-2018

Faculty Member Subject Award Date Proposal Name
G. Gaidos Biochemistry November 2017 Toxicity Evaluation of Food Additives
M. Kruger Nursing November 2017 Effectiveness of Online Virtual Nursing Leadership Experiences — Comparative Analysis
A. Trogan English November 2017 Surprised by Maud: C.S. Lewis' Unknown Mentor
M. Ulrich Microbiology November 2017 Sources of Color to San Carlos Bay: Changes in Dissolved Organic Matter and Chlorophyll a Content in a Shallow Estuary
E. Fay Biology August 2017 The Effect of High Intensity Interval Training on Student Performance
S. Moore English August 2017 The Digital Cavendish Project: Collaborative Scholarly Repository for the Study of Early Modern Women Writers
M. Witty Microbiology August 2017 Recovery of Useful Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Waste Water