ARC Grant Recipients Academic Year 2017-2018

Faculty Member Subject Award Date Proposal Name
G. Gaidos Biochemistry November 2017 Toxicity Evaluation of Food Additives
M. Kruger & M. Jenner Nursing November 2017 Effectiveness of Online Virtual Nursing Leadership Experiences — Comparative Analysis
A. Trogan English November 2017 Surprised by Maud: C.S. Lewis' Unknown Mentor
M. Ulrich & M. Sauer Microbiology November 2017 Sources of Color to San Carlos Bay: Changes in Dissolved Organic Matter and Chlorophyll a Content in a Shallow Estuary
E. Fay Biology August 2017 The Effect of High Intensity Interval Training on Student Performance
S. Moore English August 2017 The Digital Cavendish Project: Collaborative Scholarly Repository for the Study of Early Modern Women Writers
M. Witty Microbiology August 2017 Recovery of Useful Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Waste Water