Sponsored Programs & Research

OSPR serves as the central coordinating unit for the College's internal and external sponsored research activities and projects. This is the college's office for all grant submissions and new projects. We are available to assist you in proposal preparation, funding source identification, and other research for which you may need assistance.

Services and Responsibilities

  • Assist faculty, staff, and administrators in grant submission and management.
  • Monitor legislation and appropriations that impact grant programs.
  • Stimulate interest among faculty and staff in the grants process.
  • Communicate requirements for internal approvals and cabinet level sign-off of proposals prior to submission.
  • Submit/transmit final proposals to funding sources.
  • Serve as liaison with funding agencies and proposal partners.
  • Monitor completion and submission of projects and final reports on funded projects.
  • Ensure that proper documentation is maintained on all budget expenditures and that projects are actively managed and closed out according to the funding agency's guidelines/policies.
  • Provide support for proposal routing and submissions; review submissions for compliance with formats required by agency guidelines.
  • Monitor grant projects to assure compliance with policies for expenditures.

Joseph van Gaalen

, Ph.D.
Director, Assessment & Effectiveness

Stella Egan

Manager, Grants Administration and Development