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Steps To Getting A Grant

Step 1:

Contact Office of Sponsored Programs & Research (OSPR).

Step 2:

Search for potential sources of funding via specific federal or non-federal sources with guidance from OSPR.

Step 3:

Notify supervisors (Chair/Coordinator/Director and Dean) of your potential project and obtain their approval for any potential institutional commitments involved in the proposal using the "Intent to Apply for a Grant" form.

Step 4:

Develop a draft proposal and work with Esther Puig Torres in Financial Services and Dr. Joseph van Gaalen in OSPR to create the budget and confirm commitments with Chair/Coordinator/Director and Dean.

Step 5:

Complete an "Authorization for Grant Application (PDF)" and circulate your full final proposal with an Authorization for Grant Application Form to all supervisors (Chair/Coordinator/Director, Dean) and Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs. In addition, the Vice President of Administrative Services and Assistant Vice President of Finance must approve if any money is involved. If Co-Principal Investigators are involved who reside in a different department, their Chair/Coordinator/Dean must also approve.

Step 6:

Provide completed proposal and signed "Authorization for Grant Application Form" to OSPR for final review at least 10 FSW working days before deadline (if there is a holiday/break allow extra day(s) for the number of days the college is closed).